Zontas TV programs bring weekly gospel messages directly to people’s homes through local television networks

The Need

There is a huge need for quality Greek Christian television content in Greece as there is no such programming happening here. People are living in darkness with little access to the Gospel on a day-to-day basis. Thus, it is important for us to reach Greeks in their own homes as they relax in front of their televisions.

Our Response

In partnership with Zontas in Canada, we are producing a TV show where we are able to share the Gospel to a wide audience. We rent airtime every week on local channels in Greece’s main cities, and hope that we will soon have airtime in the Athens area. We have seen a wide response as people call in after every show. We are then able to disciple those who desire it, connect them to local churches, and send them Bibles in modern day Greek.

Your Participation

We need a team of people to join us, dedicated to this wonderful TV ministry. If you have skills with cameras, lighting, sound, editing, or you are willing to learn, we need you! Please consider joining us as we set up a studio and look into expanding this media work!