Porto Astro is our outdoor retreat center dedicated to building up the next generation of leaders

The Need

In Athens, a bustling city of 5 million people, there are few places to find sanctuary amidst the busyness. Many people desire space to take a breath from the chaos of daily life and to develop deep community with other believers. Young people need a safe harbor to retreat and refocus, growing deeper in their relationship with Christ and experiencing transformation.

Our Response

Just north of Athens lies Porto Astro, our rugged piece of land, originally used as an olive orchard. Removed from the crowded city, Porto Astro serves as an outdoor haven for both youth and adults to receive training and discipleship in a unique environment. As our host site for the maritime ministry and church retreats, this scenic conference center combines high-energy sports with relationship building activities, and meaningful worship sessions, giving people the opportunity to experience the love of Jesus.

Your Participation

Volunteers are the backbone of Porto Astro! Nothing would be accomplished if it were not for the countless hours that each volunteer has invested over the years. From lifeguarding and preparing dinner to cleaning the facilities and capturing media footage, people can serve in many different areas – anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 years. If you have finished high school and are interested in serving with our Porto Astro Team, please be in touch, we need hands to serve!

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