Our Swedish Friends Visiting

From September 22-27, 2014 – Broad Reach Maritime was so blessed to host for another year the Shalom Ministry based in Oskarshamn, Sweden. Shalom started as a boat ministry reaching the east coast of Sweden. More than 25 years later they have expanded beyond just a boat ministry reaching the needs of Sweden and reaching out to neighboring Estonia with relief work etc. Hellenic Ministries’ Broad Reach Maritime has been working alongside in partnership with shalom for about 14 years now. A group of team leader’s from their “Blue Coast” Bible school came to Greece for training and retreat.
They were hosted at HM”s beautiful campsite Porto Astro, with outings taking place on the Morning Star. We thank God for this lovely partnership, which roots grow deeper with every passing year.
Also Shalom is hosting this year’s Kingsfleet conference from the 26th-29th of March 2015.