Operation Joshua is a national church planting catalyst movement bringing a New Testament to every home in Greece


3-12 JULY




120,000 NT

The Need

Even though Greece was the first European country to be evangelized (Acts 16:10), its Christianity is now more of a cultural heritage than a spiritual reality. Although 96% of the population is Greek Orthodox, only 2% are in church on any given Sunday. Greeks have a high regard for Orthodox institutions but with little consequence to spiritual living. The great majority live in ignorance of the message of the Gospel. Even though the New Testament was penned in the Greek language, the Greek people remain without easy access to God’s Word in their own modern language. With the current instability and ravaged economy, the Greek nation is in desperate need of God’s hope and grace like never before.

Our Response

Following years of systematic open air evangelism, Hellenic Ministries has shifted into a phase of ‘rebuilding’ the nation with God’s Word through Operation Joshua. Upon this foundation, our vision is to train, mobilize, and network national church planters to reap the harvest and sustain a nationwide movement – Greece’s modern reformation! The scope of this project is to methodically canvas all of rural Greece with the Gospel, placing a New Testament in every home across the country and reaching thousands of cities, isolated towns, and villages for Christ.

Your Participation

We are looking for people with servant hearts willing to go the extra mile in building God’s Kingdom in Greece. Join and be part of the event coordination team or come help us distribute God’s Word!

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