Morphosis aims to challenge young people and answer their questions in fun and creative ways using short videos and multimedia

The Need

Europe. One of the major cultural centers of the world with its many countries, diverse regional culinary delights, fashion, and architecture. The place where the reformation and the Renaissance took place. The cradle of Christianity and once the largest missionary sending force of its time. Europe has definitely risen throughout the ages, and as we’ve climbed, we’ve also walked away from the Lord.

Christianity has become part of the culture, it has fallen to the wayside and most Europeans are nominal Christians at best. According to The Cambridge Companion to Atheism, 19 out of the 25 countries with the highest percentage of atheists, agnostics or people who claim not to believe in God, are European. For example, Sweden is considered the foremost atheistic country in the world. With only 2.5% of Europeans actively following the Lord, there are more Evangelicals in Kenya, one country in Africa, than in all of Europe.

Our Response

We need to reach Europe on a larger scale than what we’ve been doing! Face-to-face evangelism is vital, one-on-one conversations are indispensable, and the local church is needed to reach out to their communities. What we would like to offer is an added layer to all of these, online apologetics.

Young people today are extremely visual and spend a lot of time browsing the Internet, making this a huge resource for broad scale evangelism. Statistics say that the second largest search engine on the web after Google, is YouTube. Add Facebook and other social networking sites to the mix, and we’ve got a very powerful tool. Our desire is to challenge young people and answer their questions in fun and creative ways using short videos and multimedia to ultimately lead them to Christ and the Truth.

Your Participation

This is a ministry still in its infancy, so please join us in prayer for Morphosis.

We need to build a team of people in Greece and around the world who have a heart for Europe. We are looking for people who have an understanding of apologetics or philosophy with some technological knowledge or intuition. We are also looking for scriptwriters, videographers, as well as bloggers.

If you would like to join the team or find out more about how to get involved please email janet.sewell @

Come join us in shaping the ideas that shape our world!