The Hope Center provides a safe house and a recovery program to sexually exploited women

The Need

Every year thousands of people are trafficked across Greek borders. The dominant form of trafficking in Greece is the recruitment of the person into forced prostitution, especially with women. This is a severe human’s right violation and unfortunately there is a lack of long-term programs to address the needs linked to this issue. Many refugee women end up trafficked and suffering from abuse. In the refugee camps women live in fear of violence and they are at constant risk of sexual harassment. Incidents of rape and forced prostitution cause unwanted pregnancies. The abortion rate has increased significantly as these women have little hope of escaping their situation.

Our Response

We contribute to break the vicious cycle of abuse, shame, guilt and hopelessness. We provide a comprehensive long-term support to women who are either sexually exploited and/or trafficked, or who are in a crisis situation of considering abortion.
We offer a safe house and a recovery program to address the traumas of abuse, with a focus on skill development, autonomy, personal awareness and growth. We provide counseling, social educational sessions, parenting skills and we have a day care for the children of the participants. We also promote social entrepreneurship, by encouraging the women to learn new skills (sewing, knitting, making jewelry) so they can move to independent living.

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Your Participation

This is a very vulnerable line of ministry, emotionally draining, and we need your prayers.
The operational cost of our safe house and our program is high and this is an area of need. You can help us to create ways of making a difference by fundraising with us.
We currently need volunteers with dynamism and enthusiasm who are willing to spend time with the women of our program by giving them the chance to experience healthy interactions at social, emotional and spiritual level.
You can be an advocate and help us by joining us in the fight against sex trafficking and sex exploitation. You can also provide opportunities and the platform for us to spread the word and to raise awareness together in churches, schools, and beyond!