The Hope Center promotes the sanctity of human life in Greece through education, housing, and counseling

The Need

Abortion is taking place at an alarming pace in Greece with one of the highest rates in all of Europe! With abortion being used as a common form of birth control, little is done to address the devastating consequences of this act, including the deep guilt, depression, and shame that follows.

Our Response

The Hope Center ministry promotes the sanctity of human life in Greece through education, housing, and counseling.

We minister to students by communicating that life begins at conception, that abortion is not a form of contraception, and that there is hope in every situation.
We provide a Christian maternity home for pregnant women in crisis situations, who choose not to have an abortion and who need help. The Hope Center houses women and walks with them through their pregnancy, offering love, godly counsel, and friendship in a family setting.

We also seek to help both men and women find freedom and healing through post-abortion recovery education classes.

Your Participation

We currently need trained social workers, administrative staff, and families to house new mothers and their babies in the second phase after they leave the Hope Center.

You can partner with us as a prayer warrior for this ministry!

You can provide opportunities for us to spread the word in churches, schools, and beyond!

We need financial support for our everyday operational needs, as well as medical needs for prenatal care and childbirth. This currently amounts to about €2,000 ($2,600 USD) per pregnancy.

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