Hearts Awakened by Light of Gospel

As of fall 2014, nearly 680,000 Greek homes have received the written Gospel! The impact of reaching more than 100,000 of these with the Gospel this past summer is continuing to be seen here in Greece.

We recently received a call from a barber in Kalamaria who wanted to thank us for sending him additional New Testaments. He told us how he has been encouraging all his clients to view Evangelicals no longer as heretics, but as genuine Christians whom the Orthodox Church should learn to imitate, especially in the bible distribution. The most exciting news is how he has persuaded the local High School headmaster to give a Greek New Testament to each and every student in the whole school! 

We rejoice at seeing how Operation Joshua’s impact among the Greek people is allowing the Word of God to penetrate into previously closed communities! Many Greeks are even beginning to see Hellenic Ministries, and Greek Evangelicals in general, as legitimate and sincere Christians who are actively meeting the prevalent spiritual needs of Greece. It is our prayer that God will continue to soften their hearts as we seek to demonstrate the gospel through love and compassion.